It may sound like we’re boasting, but we simply don’t have Customer Complaints. Why? Because on the very rare occasion that something goes wrong (like the courier gets lost) we pull out all stops to fix the problem before anyone gets uptight.

An idle boast?

Not at all….

To give you a bit of an idea what some of our customers have said about PaverMaker, please see below. These are all GENUINE comments received via email from people who have bought, and used, their PaverMakers.


Hi there,

Just thought I would send you some feedback on your great product.

My husband used the PaverMaker to create pathways around our entire home and throughout our veggie patches.

It was economical and provides a great non slip but interesting walking surface. Here are a couple of photos.

Debby, Dickson, ACT


"I am a 60 year young woman. I thought what a great and cheap alternative to buying pavers. Well I tell you, I have had so much fun with this, my garden beds all have edges now. It is as easy as they say; buy one you won’t be sorry, I’m not. It soon pays for itself, believe me, and if someone of my age and female can do it, anyone can."

Elaine M. Cundletown NSW


"It was so easy to use, even the wife and kids achieved professional results. I can't be more happier!"

Jason S. Melton, Vic

"I'm extremely happy with the results that the Paver Maker made it is a very professional look."

Nick Mc. Duffys Forest, NSW


"I had just put in an in-ground pool and needed a cost effective, attractive and easy solution as to what to put around the pool. I saw a Pavermaker and decided to have a go. The results were spectacular and I did all the work myself as it was very easy and I could do it in stages in my free time. Not only did it save me $1000’s I ended up with something that got compliments every time someone saw it as it looked great. The end result was actually a great selling feature when we sold the house."

Sandra C, Clontarf, QLD


"The PaverMaker is so easy to use; why would you look for pebbles or buy them at an inflated price for the same effect. I would rather choose the color of my pavers with a concrete color additive. The finished product was so neat and tidy, with consistent height (nothing for Grandma to trip on), easy to use and it added value to my home. Why wouldn’t you use it??? My friends and family can not pick if they are real stones and if so how did I get them so consistent??? It’s almost embarrassing admitting the ease of use and results without feeling the urge to recommend the Paver Maker."

Steve T, Goonellabah, NSW


"We purchased our PaverMaker online and the service was spot on. We had it in our possession within a week of the order being placed. It has fully met our expectations. It is a piece of cake to use, even for a novice. Friends who have seen the result have been keen to purchase a PaverMaker as well. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending it to any body. The Pavermaker has made a complicated (and expensive) paving job simple and considerably cheaper than other approaches to the same area. The job by conventional paving methods was going to cost us in excess of $4,000.00. Using the PaverMaker it looks like $1,500 to $1,800.00 will cover it. We're thrilled with the results. Many thanks!"

Bob N, Toora, Victoria.


"I was a little bit worried about this product as I have never done any concreting before, but we are having a backyard wedding in December and I wanted an entertaining area. It was going to cost me a fortune to do this, but when I got the cobblestone pavermaker I was very keen to use it. The product well and truly exceeded my expectations & I would recommend the pavermaker to anyone as it was so easy to use. I now have a ripper of a area for entertaining and if I can use the Pavermaker anyone can. I now intend on doing all my pathways & driveway. Thanks for a ripper of a product and it’s been a pleasure to do business with you and your team…its a simple and easy product to use, well done."

Ricky G, ORBST, Vic


"I am very happy with the PaveMaker, I was surprised at how large the mould was, so the path takes on shape very quickly. As your advert says, easy to use, & you can add on when you feel like it. I usually do one bag at a time, delivery was easy & very quick, would recommend highly, & if I ever wear this one out I will definitely buy another."

Kim S Wallabadah NSW


"We love our PaverMaker - used it last weekend and have paved under the clothes line, Every one loves the look, better than the picture on the net, we think anyhow. The service was so quick I purchased the Paver Maker on the ‘Net on Monday and it arrived on Wednesday, what a simple product to do such a beautiful job. We love how we will be able to free form our pavers without the form work just a simple preparation of the surface to level it a bit. We love the product – my family wants to borrow it when we have finished our projects and I cannot say when that will be."

Robyn H Gilgandra NSW


"We used the PaverMaker over a large area and had no problems whatsoever. Simple to use & looks really good. We had the cobblestone looking one, which we would definitely recommend. Service was great, the mould came within a couple of days, and the website had some good tips."

Jim H. Seaford Rise, SA


"Thanks for a great innovation. The paver maker has allowed us to turn a very basic concrete slab into a feature. It’s going to get a lot of use around this house that’s for sure. And if I can use it, well, then anyone can use it."

John V. Callignee, Vic


"I would like to start by saying what an absolutely bright idea this is. I am a single mom and wanted something that I could do myself (to help cut costs), that looked good and I could do at my own pace. I have a concrete mixer and thought that the PaverMaker was a wonderful idea when I saw it.

I had no problems, not a one with any part of my transaction and there was always the offer of information and advice if I needed it. But the PaverMaker is so easy to use and just the pamphlet I got with it gave me some fantastic ideas. I now walk out my back door and try to find other areas to pave. I got the cobblestone pattern and it is stunning.

I have been recommending it to everyone I come across and even the landscapers that installed a fence for me where very impressed at how easy and effective it is.

I think that my PaverMaker is the most impressive thing I have bought this year, I won't even lend it to anyone for fear that I may not get it back. Hey they can go and get their own and leave me to my concreting... thank you so very much."

Ms P.M. Jimbooba, Qld


"Although I am not an experienced handy man I found using the PaverMaker for the first time fairly easy with the step by step instructions provided with the mould. I chose to use a premixed base for my pavers with an added oxide for colour. I was extremely impressed with the finished pavers and have already recommended the pavermaker to my friends. Thank you for the prompt and friendly service and a great and simple product."

Allan R. Townsville, Qld


"My wife and I are so happy with the PaverMaker. It was easy to work out the correct proportions for the concrete mix and we played around with the oxide until it was perfect. We got a bit carried away and paved a larger area than we planned to because it just looked so good. A friend of ours has borrowed the mould because he was so impressed. It made our barren back yard come to life. Thanks heaps.

Ben M. Gerringong, NSW"


"I copped a bit of flack from several friends in the "landscaping game" when I asked their advice on whether or not I should purchase a "PaverMaker" mould ... Thank goodness my wife urged me to get one because the result is brilliant ... I add that my landscaping mates are quietly impressed too ... One lady at my wife's work subsequently went and brought one for her husband to do a little job around her clothes line ... The bottom line is, we've added value to our home and the back yard is so much more usable thanks to a cost effective brilliant little invention!"

Philip L. Hornsby Heights, NSW


"Hi ~ just to let you and others know what a fantastic product you have on offer. After purchasing a cobble and edger maker from you we have transformed our yard into our dream garden. Friends have said it must have cost a small fortune for the edging and cobbles - we just tell them that is what we saved by making our own, in our own time and in the colour we wanted. It was such a simple process for such a professional result. Thanks for the PaverMaker moulds the finished results have made a couple of retirees."

Ken & Jean D. Russell Island, Qld


"I was impressed with the prompt delivery & communication I received from PaverMaker and the PaverMaker is exactly as described & makes beautiful pavers so easy."

Wayne C. Gympie, Qld


"I bought a mould from pavermaker and am extremely happy with the results. It is easy to use and the end result looks great. I am especially happy with the online instruction videos. The delivery was prompt and communication with them excellent. I would recommend them to any one."

Jamie H. Gurley, NSW

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